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The thematic file “Municipalities” cis an essential place to accede to information on a wide range of topics at the municipality level. We provide access to data for all Regional Yearbooks in a set of files; municipal files with economic, social and demographic statistical information and, within the STASLAB project, files with results on Income statistics at local level. (Available only in Portuguese)

  Regional Statistical Yearbooks Socioeconomic characterization Income statistics at local level  

Regional Statistical Yearbooks

The seven Regional Statistical Yearbooks (one for each NUTS 2 region) are composed by 27 subchapters organized in four main chapters: Territory, People, Economic Activity and State.In order to provide an easy access to the overall regional data, the tables of the Regional Yearbooks were brought together in a set of files, available here: XLSX and CSV.

The Statistical Yearbook of each region is available in Publications area in PDF and XLS/CVS formats.