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The seven Regional Statistical Yearbooks (one for each NUTS 2 region) are composed by 26 subchapters organized in four main chapters: Territory, People, Economic Activity and State.
In order to provide an easy access to the overall regional data, the tables of the Regional Yearbooks (2017 edition) were brought together in a set of files, available here: XLSX and CSV
The Statistical Yearbook of each region is available in PUBLICATIONS area in PDF and XLS/CVS formats.

In this area the user may consult a PDF file with statistical information of economic, social and demographic nature, by municipality.
Each "municipal file" contains a range of relevant indicators providing the municipal characterization in observation; the representation in table, map or graph allows an easy reading of the key data for each municipality, its framework and relative weight in the region; (Available only in Portuguese).

Social municipal characterization

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