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To publicise Statistics Portugal – what we do, how and when – is our goal. We intend to promote the Institute's communication with its publics and establish a closer relationship, promote statistical literacy and stimulate the desire for knowing more about Statistics Portugal and the information produced. 
In four editions per year, this newsletter publishes information about the activities, products and services that INE makes available to the whole society.
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Inews nº51 PDF EZine (Flash) March 2022
Inews nº50 PDF EZine (Flash) December 2021
Inews nº49 PDF EZine (Flash) September/October 2021
Inews nº48 PDF EZine (Flash) June 2021
Inews nº47 PDF EZine (Flash) March 2021
Inews nº46 PDF EZine (Flash) December 2020
Inews nº45 PDF EZine (Flash) September/October 2020
Inews nº44 PDF EZine (Flash) June/July 2020
Inews nº43 PDF EZine (Flash) March/April 2020
Inews nº42 PDF EZine (Flash) December 2019
Inews nº41 PDF EZine (Flash) September/October 2019
Inews nº40 PDF EZine (Flash) June 2019
Inews nº39 PDF EZine (Flash) March/April 2019
Inews nº38 PDF EZine (Flash) December 2018
Inews nº37 PDF EZine (Flash) September 2018
Inews nº36 PDF EZine (Flash) June 2018
Inews nº35 PDF EZine (Flash) March 2018
Inews nº34 PDF EZine (Flash) December 2017
Inews nº33 PDF EZine (Flash) September/October2017
Inews nº32 PDF EZine (Flash) June2017
Inews nº31 PDF EZine (Flash) March 2017
Inews nº30 PDF EZine (Flash) December 2016
Inews nº29 PDF EZine (Flash) September 2016
Inews nº28 PDF EZine (Flash) June 2016
Inews nº27 PDF EZine (Flash) March 2016
Inews nº26 PDF EZine (Flash) December 2015
Inews nº25 PDF EZine (Flash) September 2015
Inews nº24 PDF EZine (Flash) June 2015
Inews nº23 PDF EZine (Flash) March 2015
Inews nº22 PDF EZine (Flash) December 2014
Inews nº21 PDF EZine (Flash) September 2014
Inews nº20 PDF EZine (Flash) June 2014
Inews nº19 PDF EZine (Flash) March 2014
Inews nº18 PDF EZine (Flash) December 2013
Inews nº17 PDF EZine (Flash) September 2013
Inews nº16 PDF EZine (Flash) June 2013
Inews nº15 PDF EZine (Flash) March 2013
Inews nº14 PDF EZine (Flash) December 2012
Inews nº13 PDF EZine (Flash) September 2012
Inews nº12 PDF EZine (Flash) June 2012
Inews nº11 PDF EZine (Flash) March 2012
Inews nº10 PDF EZine (Flash) December 2011
Inews nº9 PDF EZine (Flash) September 2011
Inews nº8 PDF EZine (Flash) June 2011
Inews nº7 PDF EZine (Flash) March 2011
Inews nº6 PDF EZine (Flash) December 2010
Inews nº5 PDF EZine (Flash) September 2010
Inews nº4 PDF EZine (Flash) June 2010
Inews nº3 PDF EZine (Flash) March 2010
Inews nº2 PDF EZine (Flash) December 2009
Inews nº1 PDF EZine (Flash) September 2009