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Use of Cookies

1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small amounts of data that a website, through the user's browser, stores on the local hard drive of the computer, or mobile device, which allows that site to "remember" the actions or preferences of the user over time. Cookies have specific functions and depending on the function they are intended for, they may persistently last for the user's session time or extend after its closing.

2. What type of cookies does Statistics Portugal use?.

Statistics Portugal uses cookies on its websites to manage the navigation of users, which may be managed by the websites of Statistics Portugal and by those of external entities
The cookies managed by Statistics Portugal do not collect personal information that allows identifying the user.
The cookies used by Statistics Portugal on its websites have the following purposes and are classified as follows:

Functional INE, IP Deleted at the end of the session Necessary for page functionality Support security features and detect malicious activities
INE, IP Deleted at the end of the session Necessary for page functionality Manage user sessions
INE, IP 30 days Optional Identify the language in use during the user's session and personalise their website navigation
Performance INE, IP Session Necessary Facilitate tracking for subsequent statistical analysis of site access
3. How to manage cookies in the different Web browsers.

The use of cookies is essential for the proper functioning of the websites and therefore their acceptance is recommended. However, most browsers allow control over the cookies stored on the visitor's devices, as well as their immediate deletion if the user wishes to stop allowing local storage of cookies.
Users can always configure the devices and browsers they use to accept all or some cookies, to notify them whenever a cookies is issued, or to never receive cookies. At any time you can disable the cookies function via the web browser, usually in the "Preferences" or "Tools" menu. You can find more specific information on "how to manage your preferences for cookies" by most popular browsers at:

Or, to learn more about cookies in general, visit:, where you can find information on how to manage your settings for the various browsers.

4. Social Media cookies

To disseminate its activity, Statistics Portugal is present in some of the main social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Statistics Portugal's websites do not set cookies when displaying links on its social media channels when a user is browsing its websites.

You can watch Statistics Portugal’s videos, which we also incorporate on our YouTube channel. You may follow links from our websites to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, (however, when Statistics Portugal refers to other platforms, these may use cookies, depending on their acceptance; for example, it may not be possible to watch videos on Youtube without accepting the rules and cookies). You may always find information on how to manage cookies related to other browsers by visiting the website of the respective provider.

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