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Statistics Portugal makes available a set of RSS, ICS, and JSON feeds that can be used to feed applications or to receive content updates on your computer in real time.

RSS - "Really Simple Syndication"

The RSS, which stands for "Really Simple Syndication", is a format for delivering updated site contents, without the user having to access the site. Subscribe to the RSS feeds, available for press releases and publications.
Rss - Press Release  Rss - Press Release
Rss - Publications  Rss - Publications

ICS - "iCalendar"


ICS (Internet connection sharing) format calendar follows the iCalendar pattern. You may have it available on all your personal calendar tools in various applications such as Google Calendar, Outlook, Yahoo, Thunderbird, Zimbra, Apple iCal, etc. It is advisable to link your agenda to the Statistics Portugal – Calendar. Alternatively, you may extract the file at By doing so, the Statistics Portugal – calendar will be automatically updated whenever new contents are added.
ICS - Calendar Press Releases  ICS - Calendar Press Releases

JSON - "JavaScript Object Notation"


The JSON ("Java script Object Notation") feed is an open data format, quite similar to xml with the advantage of being lighter and simpler to read. It is mostly used in data-interchange between systems, through rest/api services. We are currently making available Json files used to feed the “Ine Mobile” App. The Json rest service will be made available soon to allow the search for indicators and metadata.