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Eurostat is the statistical office of the European Union. All products and services available on the Eurostat website are free of charge. Standard products include News Releases, Statistics in Focus and traditional publications, such as Pocketbooks and Yearbooks.
The database includes a wide array of indicators organised by theme, whose data may be extracted according to user-defined criteria (via this link).
The Eurostat website also includes over a thousand pre-defined tables compiled from the database, which include short-term and long-term structural indicators and also sustainable development indicators and Statistics Explained, a portal for occasional and regular users. In Statistics Explained we highlight the section Statistics 4 beginners, where statistical indicators and concepts are explained in a more understandable way, to make the world of statistics a little more accessible to students, as well as to all those who are interested in statistics.
To give faster and more direct access to some pre-defined tables with European data, to some thematic articles in Portuguese language, and to some visualization and extraction data tools, please see this page: European Statistical Information.
To receive daily updates of European information, users may subscribe to the RSS service, which allows them to access national data for the various countries directly on the Eurostat website.
Statistics Portugal has a Support Centre in Portugal, whose mission is to support users (in Portuguese and English) in browsing, using and extracting European statistics and solving technical problems related to use of the Eurostat website.
Requests for information or support to navigation on the website should be submitted through the User support option on the homepage. Before submitting the request you should select your language preference.