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The thematic file Municipalities is an essential place to accede to information on a wide range of topics at the municipality level. We provide access to data for all Regional Yearbooks in a set of files; municipal files with economic, social and demographic statistical information and, within the STASLAB project, files with results on Income statistics at local level.(Available only in Portuguese).

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Income statistics at local level

In this area you may consult the results on Income statistics at local level 2021, based on anonymous tax data from the Tax and Customs Authority (AT) on the Settlement Note of Personal Income paid Tax (IRS Model ¿ 3), obtained within a protocol established between AT and Statistics Portugal.
These results are based on the values of the Gross reported income, of Personal income paid tax and of the derivate variable of Gross reported income less personal income paid tax, by tax household and by taxable person, and are presented in summary sheets for municipalities with 2 000 or more taxable persons and for the 25 NUTS III sub-regions of the country.
For more information see the Publication Estatísticas do rendimento ao nível local – Indicadores de rendimento declarado no IRS (Available only in Portuguese).

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