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Social Economy Satellite Account
Social Economy accounted for 2.8% of national GVA - 2013
20 December 2016


In 2013, Social Economy represented 2.8% of national GVA, 5.2% of total employment and 6.0% of paid employment. Social Economy compensation of employees corresponded to 5.2% of national compensations, with average compensation in this sector representing 86.4% of the average compensation in National Economy.
Approximately 61 thousand entities were identified within the scope of the Social Economy Satellite Account (SESA), distributed through a wide set of activities, among which Culture, sports and recreation (50.7%) stood out, followed by Social action and social security (15.6%). In turn, Social action and social security were most relevant in terms of GVA (44.7%), compensation of employees (44.6%) and paid employment (54.6%).
By groups of entities, Associations with Altruistic Goals were the most relevant group regarding the number of entities (93.4%), GVA (61.0%), compensation of employees (62.2%) and paid employment (64, 8%).


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