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Projects within the framework of the Recovery and Resilience Plan (RRP) at Statistics Portugal

As part of the development of new infrastructures at the service of the digital transition, Statistics Portugal is currently implementing three new multi-annual projects, within the framework of the Recovery and Resilience Plan (RRP), at the level of investment in sustainable electronic services.

Territorial Information Infrastructure

Creation of an information infrastructure of the territory of the country, associated with alphanumeric, social, and economic information, aiming at integrating at least 150 data sources (databases and updates).
Nowadays, there is a remarkable (and growing) volume of information dispersed — not integrated and harmonised — in isolated information systems that are difficult to relate to those of other entities.
The infrastructure to be set up by Statistics Portugal will provide detailed and high-quality informational responses in different areas, contexts and needs at regional and national scales.
Data Infrastructure for Research

This infrastructure aims to remove barriers to access to information for research purposes and should achieve access to at least five hundred databases.
The Data Infrastructure will allow to carry out studies related to the impacts of recent crises, in different dimensions. It is essential to know the demographic, social and economic reality, and its interaction with the areas of health and sustainability.
It indirectly contributes to the regional and local development and well-being of citizens, notably because it will promote the existence of studies in the areas affected by recent crises in the health and climate sector.
Training in Data Science (for the National Statistical System and Public Administration)

Action aimed at strengthening the digital capacity building of human capital in the Entities of the National Statistical System and others of the Public Administration, with the aim of promoting the use of advanced technologies in public services to support decision-making, research and digital interoperability of services and infrastructures and specialised training programs in Data Science in public administration.
The initiative aims to create and develop new skills, offering training in current areas such as new machine learning algorithms, hybrid data collection techniques based on smart statistics, sophisticated non-response models, mixed collection methods, innovative approaches based on artificial intelligence, among others.
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