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Anonymised statistical micro data
According to the national statistical system law, article no. 6, individual statistical data on individuals and enterprises shall only be supplied for scientific purposes, in anonymised form to accredited researchers. To know the access conditions, visit this page.
Public Use Files
Aiming to meet the users’ needs in accessing more detailed information, STATISTICS PORTUGAL has prepared files with information at observation unit level, the so-called Public Use Files (PUFs). These files (data and metadata) contain anonymised records, processed and prepared in a way that the observation unit cannot be identified directly or indirectly, with the exception of statistical data on Public Administration. Acces to this flies is free and respect the principle of statistical confidentiality and personal data protection. The access implies prior acceptance of use conditions:
Public Use Files (PUFs):
  • Census 1981 (Zip, 21879 KB) , 1991 (Zip, 16590 KB), 2001 (Zip, 21022 KB) , 2011(5% sample on individuals and dwellings) (Zip, 20015 KB) and 2021(5% sample on individuals and dwellings) (Zip, 28.666 KB).
    The file corresponds to a 5% sample of residents. It includes two sampling tables, one for family and collective dwellings, containing some variables on the building; another table for resident individuals, both with 5% registers and a common bonding variable.

  • Agricultural Census 2019 (zip, 2817 KB)
    The Census of Agriculture is an exhaustive source of information, which gathers data on all national agricultural holdings, generating results at very detailed geographical levels. These data that allows characterizing the agricultural population and its mode of production. The resulting information framework is therefore essential for concrete decision-making in agricultural, rural, regional, and territorial development policies.
    The Public Use File RA 2019, available only in Portuguese, is in a vertical format, in which each agricultural holding appears in as many records as the questionnaire variables (items) answered.

  • Public Museums 2013 (Zip, 218 KB), 2014 (Zip, 237 KB) and 2015 (Zip, 697 KB), 2016 (Zip, 513 KB), 2017 (Zip, 229 KB)2018 (Zip, 228 KB), 2019 (Zip, 239 KB), 2020 (Zip, 959 KB) and 2021 (Zip, 927 KB)
    The file contains annual data characterizing Museums, specifically, human and financial resources, store, collections and inventory, visitors’ oriented activities, number of visitors (monthly and annual flows), and type of visitors (school groups and foreign visitors).

  • Public Hospitals 2012 (Zip,1551 KB), 2013 (Zip,1410 KB), 2014 (Zip,1446 KB), 2015 (Zip,1442 KB), 2016 (Zip,1477 KB), 2017 (Zip,1443 KB), 2018 (Zip,1444 KB), 2019 (Zip,1,074 KB), 2020 (Zip,1,040 KB), 2021 (Zip, 754 KB) and 2022 (Zip, 766 KB)
    The file contains data on physical variables of public hospitals, in particular characteristics, equipment, facilities, human resources and demand and performance in hospitals.

  • Health Centers 2012 (Zip,1170 KB)
    The file contains non-financial data on the characteristics of health centers, namely their integration (or not) into Health Center Groupings (ACES), the number of functional units and the number of extensions; inpatient capacity, basic (or other) emergency services, home service (whether or not included in the National Continuous Care Network, existing equipment: number of beds and other diagnostic equipment, human resources and the action developed by the Health Centers in terms of: medical consultations (by specialty areas), nursing services, emergency and domiciliary services, movement of hospitalized patients and complementary diagnostic and therapeutic actions.