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Agri-environmental indicators : 1989-2007
Issue year: 2009

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The publication Agri-environmental indicators (AEI) provides the results of the most important agri-environmental indicators.
These indicators try to identify, qualify, quantify and evaluate trends in the most significant relationships between farm activities and environment, namely in terms of pollution and natural resources depletion.

The AEI are organized according to DPSIR Model - Driver-Pressure-State-Impact-Response adapted to agriculture, through chapters: “Driving Forces”, “Pressures”, “State and Impact” and “Responses”.

The presentation of the AEI focused in the analysis of trends and relative positioning instead of absolute figures or absolute quantifications. This option derived from acknowledgment that reference periods and geographical extent had some heterogeneity because several different data sources were used to build the AEI. This fact is more evident for the international comparison but, whenever possible, INE presented the relative positioning of countries EU15.

The DPSIR model has been developed by the European Environment Agency (1999) in order to describe and understand the inter-linkages between economic activities and the environment.

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