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Culture statistics - 2008
Issue year: 2009

In this publication, Statistics Portugal releases the main results for Culture Statistics 2008. The characterization of the cultural sector, through a collection of information of Statistics Portugal and other agencies, is focused in the following topics: cultural education, cultural employment, intellectual property, cultural enterprises, international trade, cultural participation, cultural heritage, plastic arts, printed materials and literature, cultural venues, live performances, cinema, videographic distribution, broadcasting, household expenditure in culture, public funding on cultural activities.

In addition to the main results for the year 2008, the publication also presents some trends analysed from a series of data for 2000, 2005, 2006 and 2007.

Statistical information of the sports industry, from now on, will be available only at Statistics Portugal's Portal and on printed publications such as: Statistical Yearbook of Portugal, Social Indicators and Portugal in Figures.

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