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Demographic Statistics - 2008
Issue year: 2009


Publication that analyses the main demographic events in Portugal in 2008; it comprises nine chapters and covers the following topics: overview of the main demographic events in the reference year; evolution and composition of the resident population; birth rate (live births); general mortality, foetal, perinatal and neonatal mortality; marriages (celebrated, dissolved by death and dissolved by divorce), international migratory flows and foreign population.

It also includes a detailed and descriptive analysis of the demographic phenomena, in order to highlight trends as well as the most relevant aspects of the current situation in Portugal. The publication is accompanied by a CD-ROM which, besides containing the electronic version of the paper version, provides a comprehensive set of statistical tables in XLS format that allows consulting and exporting data.

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Instituto Nacional de Estatística – Demographic Statistics : 2008. Lisboa : INE, 2009. Available at www: <url:>. ISSN 0377-2284. ISBN 978-989-25-0007-2