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Tourism Statistics - 2022
Issue year: 2023


General information and the main statistical findings on the activity of Tourism in 2022 are now disseminated, including:

Context - international and national economic context, based on information from several sources, namely the World Tourism Organization, Eurostat, the International Monetary Fund, Banco de Portugal and Social Security. It also includes results for the movement of maritime cruises, tourist arrivals in Portugal, gross monthly earnings per employee in accommodation activities and an analysis of the distribution of tourist accommodation establishments by guests, overnight stays and revenue.

Characterization of accommodation activities - results for the main variables characterizing accommodation enterprises (Division 55 of NACE Rev. 2), which includes economic and demographic indicators, based on the most recent information (2021) from the Integrated Business Accounts System.

Tourism accommodation on offer and occupation – results for supply and occupancy in tourist accommodation activity for the overall sector (tourist accommodation establishments, camping sites, holiday camps and youth hostels) and within the set of tourist accommodation establishments, by the three sub sectors: hotels and similar establishments, rural tourism and lodging tourism and finally local accommodation. 

Tourism demand from residents - detailed results on Portugal residents’ trips, covering their characteristics from different perspectives (motivations to travel, duration, means of transportation used, travel organization choices, expenditures)

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