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Construction and housing statistics - 2005
Issue year: 2006

This publication presents a characterisation of the housing stock though data on building permits (permits issued by local councils) and completed buildings (new constructions, enlargements, alterations, reconstructions and demolition of buildings). is It also makes available an extended set of indicators integrated in the Sistema de Indicadores das Operações Urbanísticas¿ SIOU (System of Indicators in Urbanistic Operations) and in the Sistema de Indicadores de Preços na Construção e Habitação ¿ SIPCH (System of Price Indicators in Construction and Housing).
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Instituto Nacional de Estatística - Estatísticas da Construção e Habitação : 2005. Lisboa : INE, 2006. Available at www: <url:>. ISSN 0377-2225. ISBN 972-673-851-2