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Statistical Yearbook of Portugal - 2007
Issue year: 2008

The Statistical Yearbook of Portugal (SYP) is a comprehensive publication of statistical information and collects data from different sources, both internally and externally. It aims at providing a quantitative outlook on the country’s reality: economic, social and demographic features.
The SYP 2007 issue is presented in a single volume and includes a CD-ROM. The publication covers a wide range of information considered fundamental for apprehending the country’s evolution in the last 17 years, its position in the EU context, and among the other member-states.
The statistical information is structured in 4 broad areas – Territory, People, Economic activity and State –, providing a consistent portray of Portugal by means of analyses, tables, graphs and maps.
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Instituto Nacional de Estatística - Statistical Yearbook of Portugal : 2007. Lisboa : INE, 2008. Available at www: <url:>. ISSN 0871-8741. ISBN 978-972-673-953-1