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Enterprises in Portugal - 2019
Issue year: 2021


In the publication Enterprises in Portugal - 2019, Statistics Portugal disseminates the main statistical findings regarding the structure and evolution of the Portuguese non-financial business sector for the year 2019, obtained from the Integrated Business Accounts System (IBAS). Also in this edition, Statistics Portugal updates information on enterprise groups, integrating several statistical data sources.

In the current situation, the reference year of this publication may seem even more lagged than usual in relation to the present time, insofar as the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has abruptly and profoundly changed the economic and social environment of business activity. It should be recalled, however, that the IBAS is fed primarily by two administrative sources:

i) the Simplified Business Information (IES) in which companies report their results simultaneously to Statistics Portugal, Bank of Portugal, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Justice; and

ii) the tax returns of individual enterprises.

Data has been produced considering the Regulation (EC) No 295/2008, of 11 March 2008, regarding the Structural Business Statistics. This information, now disseminated, corresponds to that sent by Portugal to Eurostat, in accordance with its legal obligations.

The table results are made available separately from the publication in .xlsx files. They include the demographic, economic and equity indicators of the total enterprises and the non-financial enterprises in Portugal:

1) Business demography indicators of the enterprises in Portugal, 2008-2019;

2) Economic and equity indicators of the enterprises in Portugal, 2008-2019;

3) Business demography indicators of the non-financial enterprises in Portugal, 2008-2019;

4) Economic and equity indicators of the non-financial enterprises in Portugal, 2008-2019.

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