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Tourism Statistics - 2017
Issue year: 2018


Statistics Portugal disseminates the main statistical findings on the activity of Tourism in 2017, under two perspectives: supply and occupation of collective tourism accommodation establishments, as well as tourism demand from residents in Portugal.

Data on collective tourism accommodation is now presented from the Survey on guest stays in hotels and other establishments, as well as from similar surveys conducted by Statistics Portugal covering camping sites, holiday camps and youth hostels. It is worth of mention the dissemination of detailed data not only about hotel accommodation activity establishments and similar ones, but also information about local accommodation, tourism in rural areas and lodging tourism.

With regard to tourist demand, the main results from the Travel survey of residents are now presented, covering the characteristics of resident tourists and respective trips, and also same-day visits.

Additionally, a chapter is presented covering the international and national economic context of the tourism sector, based on complementary information from several sources, namely the World Tourism Organization, Eurostat, the International Monetary Fund, Banco de Portugal and Portuguese Port Administrations.

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