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Household Budget Survey - 2015 / 2016
Issue year: 2017


The Inquérito às Despesas das Famílias 2015/2016 (IDEF 2015/2016) was carried out by Statistics Portugal between March 2015 and March 2016. This publication presents the statistical results regarding the structure of expenditures and income distribution of households living in Portugal, as well as about some basic comfort indicators. It corresponds to the most recent edition of the series of surveys on household budgets initiated in the 60’s.

Statistical information is organized in five dimensions: the distribution of the number of private households according to several socioeconomic characteristics; the mean annual expenditure by private household; the mean income by private household; the adult equivalent income, poverty and inequality; and a few well-being indicators. The publication also includes a chapter about sampling methodology and estimation.

In addition to the publication main results of the survey, two more .XLS files are available presenting the respective coefficients of variation and the total annual mean consumption expenditure disaggregated by COICOP (Classification of Individual Consumption According to Purpose) sub-classes (4th level).


Also available infographics Household Budget Survey for 2010/2011-2015/2016

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