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Income statistics at local level - 2021
Issue year: 2023


Statistics Portugal releases the Income statistics at the local level based on anonymized fiscal data from the Tax and Customs Authority related to the Settlement note of Personal Income Tax (IRS – Modelo 3), obtained under an agreement between AT and SP.

The results are based on the values of gross reported income, of personal income paid tax and of the derivate variable of gross reported income less personal income paid tax by tax household and by taxable person. The analysis is focused in 2021, last year with information provided to Statistics Portugal, however data for 2019 and 2020 is also presented. 

The results are structured in summary files for the municipalities with 2 000 or more taxable persons and for the 25 NUTS III sub-regions of the country.

This initiative is part of the development framework of the National Data Infrastructure of Statistics Portugal, which is the corollary of a path that has been pursued in recent years in integrating data from different sources. The Income Statistics at local level, resulting from the use of administrative sources, are intended to contribute to the interpretation of the territorial diversity of local income distribution.

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