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Demographic Statistics - 2015
Issue year: 2016


This publication features key statistics on demographic events in Portugal, emphasizing the most relevant trends and aspects observed in 2015, covering the following subject matters:

- Resident population estimates by sex and age, natural and migratory growth;
- Births and fertility;
- Mortality, infant and fetal mortality and life expectancy;
- Marriages and divorces;
- International migration and acquisition of citizenship.

In order to complement the information, hyperlinks for indicators available at the Statistics Portugal’s website were provided throughout the publication. Tables with information regarding the main demographic indicators are also made available, with decennial data for the period 1900-1980, and yearly data between 1980 and 2015.

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Instituto Nacional de Estatística – Demographic Statistics : 2015. Lisboa : INE, 2016. Available at www: <url:>. ISSN 0377-2284. ISBN 978-989-25-0367-7