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Demographic Studies Review - Nº 55
Issue year: 2015


This journal has a long tradition in the field of demographic studies in Portugal. The first number was published in 1945 and since then it became a reference in the field of demographic studies for those who intends to analyze the demographic trends in both national and international levels.

Demographic Studies Review, n. º 55, which is now coming out includes these articles:

Mortality in Portugal since 1950 / Edviges Coelho and Luis Catela Nunes

Socioeconomic deprivation in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area. Evolutionary analysis for the decade 2001-2011 / H. Nogueira and A. Lourenço

Census  : population registers (alternative approaches) / Humberto Moreira

Children and Adolescents in Portugal / Maria José Carrilho

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