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Statistical Yearbook of Portugal - 2013
Issue year: 2014

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Statistics Portugal presents the 105th issue of the Statistical Yearbook of Portugal (SYB), which continues a long-standing tradition started with the publication of the first issue in 1877 (SYB 1875). The Statistical Yearbook of Portugal (SYB 2013) presents an overall review intended to provide an all-encompassing view of the country, in terms of social, economic and demographic features in 2013.

The current edition keeps the structure of 28 sub-chapters grouped into four major themes: Territory, People, Economic Activity and State. Every sub-chapter starts with an analysis of the main indicators, illustrated by charts and allowing for an immediate understanding of information. After that, tables present data in brief series at NUTS 1 and 2 levels, which enable a spatial comparison of the phenomena portrayed.

The SYB 2013 is available for consultation and download, in a version that includes wider time series (1990-2013).

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