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Demographic Studies Review - Nº 51-52
Issue year: 2013


This double issue of the Demographic Studies Review, which is now coming out, intends to highlight the dissemination of Census 2011 data, both final and preliminary results.

Demographic Studies Review, nº51-52, includes eight articles::

• Characterization of population and households living in Portugal, based on 2011 Census
• Census Quality Survey – Some notes on independence and methodology
• Statistics Portugal, Spatial Data Infrastructure
• The preliminary data of 2011 Census
• The Islands of the Azores and Madeira: Population in 2011
• South in 2011: How many are we? Where do we live?
• Portugal demographic (dis)continuities in 2011- North and Central coastal Regions
• Portugal: demographic (dis)continuities in 2011- North and Inner Central Regions

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