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Lifelong learning: adult education survey - 2011
Issue year: 2013


This publication presents the results of the second Adult Education Survey edition, for 2011, and a detailed analysis of the resident population in Portugal in terms of the participation in lifelong learning activities.

Lifelong learning is a European strategic goal, initially defined in the Lisbon Strategy, and further reinforced in Europe 2020 Growth Strategy, which, under the agenda for new skills and jobs, requires detailed and harmonized information on adult education, training and learning. The Adult Education Survey, a Community survey, was developed in order to provide the European Union and its Member States with a set of harmonized data, in terms of concepts and methodologies, about education, training and adult learning.

Since the Adult Education Survey was conducted in all European Union Member States, the analysis also sought to place the country within the European education, training and learning context.

Since this publication corresponds to the second edition of this survey, whenever possible a comparative perspective with the results of the first edition, carried out for 2007, was privileged.

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Instituto Nacional de Estatística - Aprendizagem ao longo da vida. Inquérito à educação e formação de adultos : 2011. Lisboa : INE, 2013. Available at www <url:>. ISSN 1647-1946. ISBN 978-989-25-0210-6