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CPLP Statistics - 2012
Issue year: 2013


The Presidents and Directors General of Statistics of the Community of Portuguese-speaking Countries (CPLP) gathered in Luanda on 22 and 23 June 2012, have considered of great interest republishing CPLP Statistics, edited for the first time in 1998 and subsequently in 2004, committing to a third edition in 2012. The publication builds on the statistical data of the two previous publications and enables the user to perform an evolving analysis of the available variables on different areas of activity. From this perspective, this edition presents statistical information in the form of time series (2003-2010) and, in general, with comparable data for the eight CPLP Member States (Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Portugal, Sao Tome and Principe and Timor-Leste).

The edition CPLP Statistics - 2012 is a project implemented by Statistics Portugal in close partnership with INE-Mozambique, which started in September 2011. Its achievement however was only made possible with the support and collaboration of the National Statistical Institutes (NSI) of all the CPLP member countries, whose focal points have provided and / or confirmed the statistical information in this publication. This third edition consists of 123 statistical tables, grouped into 19 chapters or statistical areas, corresponding broadly to the territory, the population and the economy. Together with the statistical data available, data analysis and graphics are included on the topics of each chapter in the publication.

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