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Census - Final results. Algarve Region - 2011
Issue year: 2012


XV Population census. V Housing census

The Population and Housing Censuses are the largest and exhaustive statistical operations a country undertakes. Its main purpose is to provide a complete picture of the country. It characterizes the people living in the country, the kind of housing they live in and their living conditions.

The present publication sets out the main regional results of 2011 Census and is organized as follows: Analysis of the results; Quality survey; Tables with results until NUTS III/municipality; Methodology and concepts.

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Instituto Nacional de Estatística - Censos 2011. XV Recenseamento Geral da População : V Recenseamento Geral da Habitação. Resultados definitivos : Região Algarve. Lisboa : INE, 2012. Available at www: <url:>. ISBN 978-989-25-0183-3