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Census of Portuguese Population of 1801 and 1849
Issue year: 2001

The National Statistical Institute (INE) released a review of 1801 and 1849 censuses, with annotations. The publication, divided into three volumes, contains four introductory texts describing the collection process of the information  much different from the process of current censuses and its quality.

This publication resulted from a research project of a team co-ordinated by Prof. Luís Nuno Espinha da Silveira, from the History Department of Universidade Nova de Lisboa, along by Drs. Daniel Ribeiro Alves and Sofia Lucas Martins. Profª. Teresa Rodrigues, from the same Department, collaborated on the editorial staff of the book. The research was financed by the Program PRAXIS XXI from the Ministry for Science and Technology.

This same team has also prepared a web edition of the information from these censuses, available at

PDF PDF (Volume 1) (25805 Kb)
PDF PDF (Volume 2) (17500 Kb)
PDF PDF (Volume 3) (22520 Kb)

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