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Census - Preliminary results - 2011
Issue year: 2011


In Portugal there are 10,555,853 residents, 4,079,577 family households, and 5,879,845 dwellings in 3,550,823 buildings.

The publication Census 2011 – preliminary results is targeted at providing society in general and the main users in particular easy access to early results for the  Census 2011, 100 days after the census day (21 March 2011).

This publication is organised into two chapters. Chapter 1 presents information with a common structure for the different geographical levels considered (NUTS 1, 2, 3 and municipality). It encompasses a brief analysis of indicators, supported by charts, cartograms and tables. Chapter 2 summarises the operation methodology, the procedures adopted to ensure the quality of processes and collected data, and explains the treatment of available data.

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