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Transport and communications statistics - 2006
Issue year: 2007

Statistics Portugal disseminates the main statistical findings on the activity of the Transport Sector in 2006, by type of transport:
- Railway transport: the data presented are the result of the surveys conducted by Statistics Portugal, namely in the areas of railway infrastructure, railway traffic and underground statistics.
- Road transport: statistics from administrative sources, namely "Estradas de Portugal, E.P.E.", regarding road networks and the former "Direcção-Geral de Viação", for road accidents and registration of vehicles; from the "Survey on the Carriage of Goods by Road (ITRM)", produced by Statistics Portugal; as well as data on sales of vehicles, produced by "ACAP - Associação Automóvel de Portugal".
- Sea and water inland transport: statistical findings are presented from surveys to entities responsible for river transport, as well as administrations of commercial ports.
-Air transport, data are the result of statistics from air traffic control, airport and air transport operators' activities provided by "Instituto Nacional de Aviação Civil" and "ANA - Aeroportos de Portugal S.A.".

This publication also disseminates statistical data regarding international trade, produced by Statistics Portugal, covering all modes of transport associated to the international trade of goods.

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