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  1. South: How many are we? Where do we live?
    03 February 2014
    PDF | 1553 KB
    For the purpose of the analysis of demographics (dis) continuities revealed by the 2011 Census in Portugal, the whole country was subdivided into different regions according to demographic trends ...
  2. Municipal development indexes
    04 October 2002
    PDF | 1831 KB
    This paper aims at quantifying the level of economic and social development of the Portuguese mainland regions and municipalities. With this aim, five partial development indexes (demography, health ...
  3. Place of birth versus Residence in Portugal 2011
    05 July 2017
    PDF | 4277 KB
    Although this study falls within the scope of migration statistics, the variables observed in the context of migration are based on the exchange between the place of birth and the usual residence ...

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