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Press releases

  1. Social indicators
    22 December 2006
    PDF | 238 KB
    Statistics Portugal releases the 2005 edition of ¿Indicadores sociais¿ (Social Indicators), wich discloses, yearly, the main statistical data of social nature. ...

  2. Regional statistical yearbooks /Territorial portrait of Portugal
    28 December 2005
    PDF | 463 KB
    Statistics Portugal releases statistical data on the characteristics and development of major territorial dynamics in Portugal, together with infranational synthetic indicator analysis, and charts ...

  3. Social indicators
    27 December 2005
    PDF | 130 KB
    The 2004 edition of the publication ¿Indicadores sociais¿ (Social Indicators) is available. Its main purpose is to update, on an annual basis, the main statistical data of social nature. ...

  4. Social indicators
    04 May 2005
    PDF | 114 KB
    The 2003 issue of the publication Indicadores Sociais (Social indicators) is made available as from this date. Its main purpose is to update the main social statistical data on an annual basis. ...

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