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  1. Portuguese health status. A spatial perspective
    20 January 2005
    PDF | 367 KB
    This research demonstrates a clear and direct relationship between population health status and the coastal location and urbanization of municipalities. In the beginning of the 90’s, ...
  2. European Union: an open space by different populations (companionship diversity)
    10 March 2008
    PDF | 665 KB
    The framework of this article is the European Union statement “Together in Diversity” and the involvement of several states and people in a project of European integration, which combines  ...
  3. Foreign employers in Portugal : what the Census highlight
    12 May 2014
    PDF | 619 KB
    The European Commission has been encouraging Member States to acknowledge the essential contribution that immigrant entrepreneurs have to a sustainable growth and the increase of employment. In ...
  4. Conceitos e metodologias: as pirâmides de idades
    27 June 2001
    PDF | 62 KB
    Available only in portuguese ...
  5. The tuberculosis study. conceiving a econometric model for the crude mortality rate
    20 January 2005
    PDF | 172 KB
    In this paper we try to explain mortality by tuberculosis using statistical models. Firstly we present a brief historical analysis of tuberculosis in Portugal during the period 1930-2000 followed by ...
  6. The demographic changes in Portugal
    02 October 2002
    PDF | 228 KB
    The Portuguese population is becoming older and its present size is the result of accelerated increase occurring over a short period of time. Migrations are currently the main factor affecting ...
  7. Present and resident population by sex and age through the Censuses
    02 October 2002
    PDF | 302 KB
    One of the main difficulties encountered by users of statistical information is the possibility of comparing data in a long time series. Bearing this constraint in mind, the main goal of this study ...
  8. Foreign population overview in the European Union member states (composition by citizenship)
    12 August 2008
    PDF | 697 KB
    In the previous number of Demographic Studies Review (DSR), it is published the article entitled European Union: a space shared by different populations. In which it is described the demographic and ...
  9. Traffic accidents: state of the art and data analysis
    05 September 2007
    PDF | 192 KB
    Traffic accidents, with the human victims and material damages that they cause, had received, during the last decades, the attention of the international governing. In 2004 in the European Union ...
  10. Demographic indicators in Portuguese regions: 1890 and 1981
    03 April 2006
    PDF | 1228 KB
    Demographic rates for fertility, nuptiality (male and women’s), and migration (legal emigration and net migration, for total population, male and female population), are presented for ...
  11. Portuguese emigration (Retrospective statistics and thematic reflections)
    03 April 2006
    PDF | 577 KB
    The purpose of this article, regarding the professional experience of the author and some knowledge on methods and sources, is shows two or three questions on the statistical function in the context ...

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