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Does Statistics Portugal Portal provide data on renewable energy?


Yes, on the Statistics Portugal portal there are products with information on renewable energies available, highlighting:


·         Annual publication  Environment statistics - chapter “Energy and transport” — sub-chapter “Energy”, provides an evolutionary analysis on the proportion of renewable sources in primary energy consumption, installed renewable energy capacity, production of electricity from renewable sources, and the contribution of renewable sources to total electricity production.


·         Annual publication  Sustainable Development Goals — Agenda 2030 — Indicators for Portugal 2010/2020 - in its Objective 7 “Renewable and accessible energy”, it integrates information on the weight of renewable energy in total final energy consumption, the share of renewable energy sources in electricity production, transport and heating and cooling.


It should be noted that the set of publications, with content analysis, is available in PDF, which is complemented with information tables in XLSX and CSV.

In the publication menu, the “Previous editions” option allows access to previous titles.


·         Database> Theme: Environment> Subtheme: Energy

Renewable energy indicator available for NUTS Portugal:

Contribution of renewable energy to final electricity consumption (%) by type of renewable energy; Annual.

Renewable energy source means “non-fossil and non-mineral energy source renewable from natural cycles.”