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How are statistical cities territorially delimited?


The delimitation of Portuguese statistical cities considers the agglomerations with city category defined in Law No 11/82, of 2 June 1982, and resulted from a process of articulation between Statistics Portugal and the municipal councils in order to adjust the urban perimeter of the settlement with city category, as provided in the legal instruments of land use to the statistical sub-sections used by Statistics Portugal in the 2011 BGRI (2011 Information Reference Geographical Database). In cases where the adjustment to the statistical sub-section was not approved by the municipal council, imaginary perimeter lines were considered as the city boundary in those areas. In these situations, for the appropriation of statistical information from the 2011 Census, it was possible to take advantage of Statistics Portugal's Geographic Base of Buildings (BGE) created within the scope of the 2011 Census and report information for the territory defined by the municipality.