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How is bank valuation and median sales value data collected?


The Housing Bank Appraisal Survey (IABH) collects information that characterizes the properties that are the subject of bank financing and in the process of which there is a technical evaluation of each property. Thus, its results are representative for the housing universe in which this means of financing is used. The use of this information should take into account the fact that estimates of housing valuation values may partly reflect qualitative variations of housing appraised in each period. Eight financial institutions are currently considered in the results of this survey which covers about 90% of the total amount of mortgage loans granted.

The calculation of 'Local Housing Price Statistics' is based on linking information from the Municipal Property Tax on Transactions [IMT] (from which transaction prices are obtained) with that from the Municipal Property Tax [ IMI] (whence the identifying characteristics of the transacted housing are taken). Information on the value of transactions for the sale of family housing is included in the settled IMT statements regarding “acquisition of property ownership”. Only transactions in which the IMT Destination Code is “Housing” and the allocation of the respective information from IMI that is defined as “Housing” and with private gross area between 20 m2 and 600 m2 are used. The results reported for each quarter correspond to the information recorded for the reference quarter and the previous three quarters.