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Where can I find data on Public Administrations?


You can consult the information in:
- Press releases of the National Accounts on the Main Aggregates of Public Administrations - 2017 and on tax revenue statistics and related associated Excel tables;
- Aggregated statistical data, verified and accessible in the specific area of the National accounts from the perspective of the Institutional Sectors with excel tables and in the available indicators in the database with choice of the theme Public Administration;
- In tables on municipal revenues and expenditures accessible in the editions of the Regional Statistical Yearbooks;

- Information on the various topics of Education, Health, Justice, Social Protection, Culture, Sports and Leisure may also contain information on the resources and activities of public administrations;
- In the document “Units Classified in the General Government Sector ” (only in Portuguese), accessible in the specific area of the National Accounts incontaining a list of entities considered within the calculation scope of the Public Administrations, in the concept used in the National Accounts.
- For less recent data we suggest the search for older publications accessible in Digital Library / Digital Archive ", theme" Economy and Finance ", subtopics" Public Administrations " (only in Portuguese)