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Does Statistics Portugal have data on house rental prices?


Statistics Portugal does not provide the prices of house rentals. Statistics Portugal conducts a Survey on Income Housing which has as main objective the determination of a monthly index of housing rents, available in the database in its website
The Survey on Income Housing (IRH) has as main objective the determination of a monthly index of housing rents. This index should properly represent the evolution in time of the housing rents and should be part of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and of the Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices (HICP).
Based on the information gathered and through differential treatment, it will be possible to estimate an average monthly variation of housing rent per square meter of useful area.
Statistics Portugal only makes available data on average values of housing rentals for social housing in the form of a statistical indicator: Value of the average rent for council housing (€) by Geographic localization and Type of tenancy agreement.

Concerning this matter, Statistics Portugal also makes available the House Price Index (HPI), with the goal of measuring and monitoring the evolution of the dwelling prices purchased by households in the residential market in Portugal. The HPI is only available at country level.

The HPI is calculated quarterly. In addition to the national total, indices for new and existing dwellings are calculated. At the same time, data regarding the number and value of dwellings are also provided at country level.
Statistics Portugal disseminates these data in the Press Release House Price Index and in the statistical indicator Housing Price Index, HPI (Base 2010) by Category of Housing Unit.