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Portuguese emigrants and their immediate descendants in the european labour market
Célio Oliveira , Susana Neves > Employment Statistics - Press Release > INE, 2017, p. 1 - 12


The emigration phenomenon has since long characterized Portugal, particularly in the mid-twentieth century. This, along with the recent wave of new emigrants in the context of the 2008 financial crisis, calls for an in-depth analysis encompassing the characterization of the Portuguese emigrants, their labour market situation in the hosting countries, and the reasons for leaving.

Statistical data compiled by Eurostat concerning the 2014 ad hoc module of the Labour Force Survey about “Labour market situation of migrants and their immediate descendants” are analysed in this article (only available in Portuguese). Each participating country collected data that allowed the characterization of their immigrants, including those with Portuguese emigration background, corresponding to the scope of analysis of this article.

Although it is impossible to draw a full picture of the Portuguese emigration phenomenon (only people aged 15 to 64 were surveyed for some European countries), the analysed data allowed: the characterization, at socio-demographic and labour market status levels, of the residents with Portuguese emigration background (first- and second-generation); to establish comparisons between emigrants and the resident population both in Portugal and in the hosting countries; and to explore profile differences among the first- and second-generation emigrants.

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