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Deafblindness in Portugal : characterization of the population according to age and sex
Tânia Gaspar António Rebelo Madalena Antunes Maria F. Martinho Paula Liques da Silva , Ana Oliveira , Cátia Branquinho > Demographic Studies Review > INE, 2015, p. 27 - 38


Deafblindness, a disability which although rare compromises the lives of thousands of people in the world, is still subject of few studies. In Portugal, it is unknown the number of cases of deafblind people and ignores their specific needs.
In a study with a sample of 135 deafblind people, aged 2-99 years found that this population is mostly male, adult, single or divorced, has no schooling and has the support of family. Most of these individuals born deafblind or becomes before age two, and have commitments at the level of blindness
and profound deafness.

Keywords: Deafblindness, Deficiency, Identification, Characterization, Needs, Integration

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