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ALEA: a contribution to promote the statistical literacy. Data analysis and teaching of statitsics in the secondary schools
Paulo Gomes Pedro Campos Emília Oliveira , José Gomes , Sérgio Bacelar > Revista de Estatística - 1.º Quadrimestre de 2000 > INE, 2000, p. 49 - 59


This text describes some trends concerning the support in the teaching of Statistics in Mathematics subject and introduces ALEA project as a tool to improve statistical literacy. First, some references are made about the new paradigms of teaching Statistics and the construction of the “learning society”. Then we present some ALEA (Local Action Applied Statistics) features, concerning the improvement of the statistical literacy. This project began as a joint proposal by Portuguese National Statistical Institute (INE) and the Tomaz Pelayo Secondary School, with Portuguese Education Ministery financial support.

keywords: statistical education, internet, data analysis, statistical literacy, ALEA

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