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Income and Living Conditions
At risk of poverty rate decreases to 17.9% and inequality kept at the downward tendency - 2009
15 July 2010

According to the 2009 EU-SILC (EU Statistics on Income and Living Conditions) survey provisional data on 2008 incomes, the resident population in risk of poverty was 17.9%, registering a decrease of 6.6 p.p in comparison with the previous year (18.5%). In the same year, the risk of poverty for the elderly population was 20.1% (22.3% in the previous year).
In accordance with the same survey, income of the 20% top income group was 6 times the income of the 20% bottom income group.
Provisional data concerning indicators on material deprivation are released for the first time, in line with data disseminated by Eurostat.
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