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Commercial establishments - establishment with relevant size
Commercial establishments - establishment with relevant size - 2004
20 December 2005

In 2004 the volume of sales by the 1,684 commercial establishments of a relevant size reached approximately €12,115 million, 62.9% of which corresponds to food retail. Sales of original trade mark products accounted for 14.9% of food retail sales. Debit and credit cards were used in approximately 50.3% of sales in retail trade. The average value of transactions was €17 in food retail and €30 in non-food retail, to which a high number of transactions is associated. From total employees, 76.4% worked full time, and 67.1% are women. The average monthly compensation paid in these establishments as a whole attained €758. Wholesale trade is worthy of note because, on the one hand, 95% of its staff work full time and, on the other hand, monthly compensation averages €840.
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