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Entrepreneurship in Portugal-Business Demography Indicators
Entrepreneurship in Portugal-Business Demograpy Indicators
Entrepreneurship in Portugal-Business Demography Indicators - 2004 - 2007
26 June 2009

The ability for creating new businesses in Portugal is very well known for quite some time. In 2007 alone 167 473 new enterprises were created in our country. Services sector, with lower entry and exit market costs, was the one, for the period 2004-2007, that evidenced the highest degree of entrepreneurship, as evidenced in the enterprises' highest birth and mortality rates. Around 73% of newly borne enterprises in 2006 survived in 2007, being the industrial sector that evidenced the highest survival rate in the market at the end of the first year. On the other hand, the Construction Sector has registered the highest survival rates after 2 and 3 years, these being above 50%.

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