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13.2% of old-age pensioners continue to work after retirement
Labour Force Survey ad hoc module
Pensions and labour market participation
13.2% of old-age pensioners continue to work after retirement - 2023
08 May 2024


According to the results of the 2023 module of the Labour Force Survey on Pensions and Labour Market Participation, around 1,147 thousand people (33.4% of the total number of residents aged 50 to 74) received an old-age pension. The proportions of beneficiaries of old-age pensions in the Autonomous Regions of the Açores (26.3%) and Madeira (25.8%) were significantly lower than the result of 33.7% in the Mainland.

The majority of old-age pensioners (57.5%) reported that they had stopped working when they received their first old-age pension, and 29.3% were no longer working at that time, but 13.2% continued to work when they received their first pension.

Old-age pensioners who continued to work after receiving their first pension did so mainly out of financial necessity (46.5%), the will to remain productive (30.8%) and the need to remain socially integrated (10.9%).

Almost all (98.0%) of old-age pensioners in 2023 received a statutory pension, i.e. paid by a national or foreign public social protection scheme, which, in the national case and depending on the pensioner's professional activity, includes Social Security and the Caixa Geral de Aposentações.

The majority of beneficiaries of a statutory old-age pension (56.8%) received their first old-age pension without any bonus or penalty, while 38.5% left the labour market before securing the right to a full pension, having therefore received a pension with a penalty (reduction in value), and 4.7% benefited from a value bonus for having postponed the age of receipt of the first old-age pension.

91.4% of the population aged 50 to 74 years old not receiving an old-age pension in 2023 reported being entitled in the future to at least one pension from a public pension scheme to guarantee protection in old age, with 78.0% reporting being only entitled to a pension from Social Security or Caixa Geral de Aposentações, and 13.5% to a combination of one of these pensions with an occupational and/or personal pension.

In 2023, around 184 thousand people received a disability pension (5.3% of the total number of residents aged 50 to 74).

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