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Resident population exceeds 10.6 million
Resident population estimates
Resident population exceeds 10.6 million - 2023
18 June 2024


On December 31st, 2023, the resident population in Portugal was estimated at 10,639,726 people, 123,105 more people than in 2022 (10,516,621 people), increasing for the fifth consecutive year.

The population increase in 2023 resulted from a net migration of 155,701 people (136,144 in 2022), which counterbalanced the negative natural balance of -32,596 (-40,640 in 2022). These results translated into a crude rate of increase, a crude rate of net migration and crude rate of natural increase of 1.16%, 1.47% and -0.31%, respectively (0.91%, 1.30% and -0.39%, respectively, in 2022).

In 2023, due to an increase in fertility, the number of children per woman at childbearing age increased to 1.44 children (1.42 in 2022).

Demographic ageing continued to increase. In 2023, the ageing ratio, which compares the population aged 65 and over (elderly population) with the population aged 0 to 14 (younger population), reached the value of 188.1 elderly people for every 100 young people (184.4 in 2022).

The median age of the resident population in Portugal, which corresponds to the age that divides the population into two groups of equal size, rose from 46.9 years in 2022 to 47.1 years in 2023. 

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