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The movement of passengers at national airports, in 2023, reached 2019 levels
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The movement of passengers at national airports, in 2023, reached 2019 levels Air Transport Flash Statistics - December 2023
14 February 2024


In December 2023, 4.5 million passengers and 20.2 thousand tonnes of freight and mail were handled at national airports, corresponding to year-on-year variations of +9.3% and +10.7%, respectively. Compared with December 2019, there were increases of 13.7% and 3.6%, in the same order.

Since the beginning of 2023, there have been monthly historical highs of passengers at national airports. In December 2023, there was a daily average of 75.9 thousand passengers disembarked, a higher value than the one registered in December 2022 (69.4 thousand; +9.3%) and 14.7% above the one recorded in December 2019 (66.2 thousand).

In 2023 (preliminary data), 243.8 thousand commercial aircraft landed at national airports (+12.0% compared with 2022) and 67.5 million passengers were handled (+18.9%). The freight and mail movement was similar to the previous year, reaching 223.0 thousand tonnes. Compared with 2019, there were variations of +7.0%, +12.3% and +5.9%, in the same order. 

In 2023, the ranking of the main countries of origin and destination of flights remained unchanged compared with the previous year. The United Kingdom remained as the main country of origin and destination of flights, recording increases of 16.5% in the number of disembarked passengers and 16.9% in the number of embarked passengers. France and Spain occupied the 2nd and 3rd position. Germany, despite registering the lowest growth in both directions, maintained its 4th position. Italy ranked 5th and registered the highest growths (+31.2% and +31.0% in the number of disembarked and embarked passengers, respectively).

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