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2023 preliminary results: revenue from the tourist accommodation with growth over 20%
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2023 preliminary results: revenue from the tourist accommodation with growth over 20% - December 2023
14 February 2024


In December 2023, the tourist accommodation sector accounted for 1.8 million guests (+10.9%) and 4.0 million overnight stays (+8.2%), generating EUR 289.0 million in total revenue (+13.9%) and EUR 204.2 million in revenue from accommodation (+15.0%). Compared to December 2019, increases continued to be more significant, 40.8% in total revenue and 44.9% in revenue from accommodation.

The revenue per available room (RevPAR) stood at EUR 36.2 (+9.2%; following +7.7% in November) and the available daily rate (ADR) amounted to EUR 92.4 (+6.7%; following +5.0% in November). The ADR reached its highest value in AM Lisboa (EUR 110.9) and RA Madeira (EUR 98.5). 

In 2023 as a whole (preliminary data), the number of overnight stays grew by 10.7% (+2.1% for residents and +14.9% for non-residents), which corresponded to increases of 20.1% in total revenue and 21.3% in revenue from accommodation (+40.2% and +43.0%, respectively, compared with 2019).

In the accumulated period of 2023, the ADR increased by 9.2% to EUR 113.1. The highest increases were in RA Açores and RA Madeira (+14.3% in both) and AM Lisboa (+12.2%). The Algarve and Alentejo recorded the most modest changes (+4.4% and +5.2%).

In 2023, and vis-à-vis 2019, among the municipalities with the greatest representation in total overnight stays, the municipalities of Porto (+28.0%), Funchal (+24.2%) and Lisboa (+8.3%) stood out with the highest increases. Albufeira remained below pre-pandemic levels, having recorded a decrease of 8.8%. 

Considering all means of accommodation (tourist accommodation establishments, camping and holiday camps and youth hostels), there were 32.5 million guests and 85.2 million overnight stays in 2023, corresponding to growths of 12.7% and 10.4%, respectively. The number of overnight stays spent by residents increased by 2.5% and those spent by non-residents grew by 14.8%.

The Algarve is the main national tourist destination (26.4% of overnight stays in 2023) and was the only national region that did not exceed pre-pandemic levels. In order to present a more in-depth characterization of tourist activity in this region, this press realease provides a more detailed analysis of the Algarve region in the 2019-2023 period.

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