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Around 37.5% of enterprises buy cloud computing services
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Around 37.5% of enterprises buy cloud computing services - 2023
21 November 2023


In 2023, 96.9% of enterprises and 48.9% of persons employed have access to the Internet for professional purposes, -0.1 p.p. and +0.8 p.p. respectively than in 2022.

In the same year, 62.4% of enterprises reported having their own website or that of the economic group to which they belong (-0.6 p.p. compared to 2021), and the majority of these enterprises provide descriptions of goods and services and/or price lists (79.1%).

In 2023, 61.1% of enterprises use social media and almost all of these enterprises use social networks (99.1%).

E-commerce sales represented 19.0% of total turnover in 2022 (+1.8 p.p. compared to the previous year), reaching almost 68 billion euros (+36.3% compared to 2021).

In the year 2023, in 28.2% of enterprises, data analytics is carried out by the persons employed, and in 14.3%, data analysis is carried out by an external enterprise or organisation. With regard to data trading, in 2022, 1.1% of enterprises sold (including access to) some of its own data and 2.3% purchased (including access to) some data.

In 2023, around 37.5% of enterprises buy cloud computing services (+4.1 p.p. compared to 2021), with the purchase of e-mail and storage of files services standing out (91.1% and 73.7% respectively).

In the same year, 7.9% of enterprises use Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, 0.7 p.p. more than in 2021, the most commonly used being those that identify objects or persons based on images and that automate different workflows or assist in decision making.

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