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Lifelong Learning-Adult Education Survey
Adult Education Survey
Lifelong Learning-Adult Education Survey - 2007
25 November 2009


The main purpose of the publication Lifelong learning – Adult Education Survey is to present the results on 2007 Adult Education Survey carried out in Portugal, in order to analyse the participation of adult population in learning activities.
Lifelong learning includes participation both in formal and non formal education and training activities. Adult Education Survey collected also information on participation in informal learning activities developed by individuals in a self-learning basis in their everyday life. Results on non participation in education and training activities during the reference period are also available and analysed in the publication.
In 2007, 30.9% of individuals aged between 18 and 64 years old were involved in at least one of lifelong learning activity, i.e., developed some kind of formal (12.0%) or non formal education and training activity (23.1%). In the same reference period, 40.8% developed some informal learning activity in a self-learning basis in their everyday life. Almost half of the population (48.2%) did not participate in any learning activity (48.2%).

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