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2021 Census - Final results release
2021 Census - Final results release
23 November 2022


Today, November 23, 2022, Statistics Portugal releases the Final Results of the XVI General Population Census and VI General Housing Census – 2021 Census, referenced to April 19, 2021.

With the publication of these results, one of the fundamental goals of this census operation has been achieved: to return to Society a wide set of statistical data, allowing to improve the knowledge about the country by characterising the population and the housing stock.

Willing to fulfil the needs of so many different users, the Statistics Portugal's Official Statistics Website provides an area dedicated to the dissemination of the 2021 Census Final Results with a diverse range of dissemination products.

2021 Census - Main Portugal trends in the last decade


• The country registered a population decrease of 2.1% and the imbalances of the distribution of the population throughout the territory became worse;

• Due to the significant growth in the elderly population and it´s decrease in the young sector, the phenomenon of population ageing worsened;

• The percentage of the divorced population, as well as the population living in a "consensual union" status has increased;

• The foreign population living in Portugal grew by 37%;

• With the reinforcement of the population holding higher education and with secondary and post-secondary education, the overall educational level of the population increased significantly.

Households and family nuclei

• The average size of private households has decreased and the number of people living alone has increased;

• Growth in the number of one-parent families and reconstituted families.


• Slight growth of buildings and dwellings for habitation purposes;

• Reinforcement of the relative importance of main residence dwellings versus secondary residences and vacant dwellings;

• Increase in the dwellings under lease contract.

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